Posted by John on 12.24.2005 at 4:07
For the last three-and-a-half years I've been flying off to Iowa every Fall and Spring to toil away at a Physics of the Arts degree from Grinnell College. Except for the glorious second semester of my Junior year (when I was able to resist the maternal pressure to do well at school and devote 45 hours a week to the game that would become Ocular Ink), college has kept me pretty busy. With the help of a few AP-credits, however, I was able to escape from its clutches by graduating this Winter (Dec. '05) and begin in earnest my careers as an indie game developer and professional Magic: The Gathering Online player.

Hmm, what does all this have to do with Alex Leach's Captain's Mistress: Internet Edition? Well, one of my last acts as a Grinnell student was to make ALCMIE, along with two other folkels, as the final project for my Software Design class. And I wanted to tell the Internet that I graduated from college.

ALCMIE won't appeal to everyone. If, however, you are somehow tied with Grinnell College, the kind of person who likes connecting colored chips into rows of four, or my dad, you can play ALCMIE directly in your browser by clicking on this link.

If you're still unsure about playing, or you just want to know why the game's called Alex Leache's Captain's Mistress, follow this link to the "about" page.