About Alex Leach's Captain's Mistress
Alex Leach's Captain's Mistress is a souped-up Connect Four-like game that can be played in a browser.
The game features:
  • A single-player quest mode set in Grinnell College
  • Multiplayer head-to-head
  • Variable computer difficulty settings
  • Special chips designed by the one-and-only Alex Leach
ALCM is the final project for a computer science class called "Software Design" I took during my last semester at Grinnell College. It's a game because my group wanted to do a game, and it's a Connect Four clone because after Ocular Ink I came to the conclusion that game design is a whole monkey-load of work, which was something I wanted to avoid during the last semester of my senior year.
Captain's Mistress is the non-proprietary name for Connect Four. The titular captain is James Cook, who spent huge amounts of time playing Connect Four during his many voyages around the Pacific. Because "Captain's Mistress" sounded a bit too exciting for the kind of game we were planning on making, we decided to tack a few words onto the front. We chose "Alex Leach's" as a spoof of the common practice among older video game designers to stick their names into their game titles (such as American McGee's Alice and any game by Sid Meier). Alex got the honor because he skipped the naming meeting.