Alex Leach's Captain's Mistress: Internet Edition
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Normal chip. Connect four of these horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win.
Pot chip. Swallows up chips that are placed above it, until it reaches its capacity of three. The little numbers show how many red and blue chips have been placed inside. A full pot takes on the color of the chips that make up the majority of its contents.
Bomb chip. The number on the chip tells you the number of turns until the bomb explodes. When the bomb goes off, it destroys all surrounding chips.
Fireball chip. Burns through any chip it's dropped on. Once it's in play, it changes colors every turn.
Vine chip. Grows a new vine chip every other turn. Place a chip on top to stop its growth.
ALCMIE is about 560 kilobytes, which will take around three minutes to download on a 56k connection. Once the game has downloaded, play.