Eye! True Hollywood Story
Posted by Justin on 9.2.2009 at 5:14
After years of neglect, the Ocular Ink story is now available for children of all ages. Please direct all complaints to the message board.

Out of the Blue, a New Review
Posted by John on 2.15.2007 at 9:31
Someone by the name of Robin Pennerup just emailed me with a link to a new review at www.gameleecher.com. Well, Ocular Ink's been in a phase of active non-development for nearly a year, now, but better late than never, and links to reviews are always appreciated.

EGW Talk
Posted by John on 3.28.2006 at 16:09
Our GDC Experimental Gameplay talk is up. Access it here, or through the panel on the right.

New Banner and Links
Posted by John on 3.10.2006 at 5:12
We made a new banner. It looks surprisingly like the old banner, given how much time it took to make. We've also added a links section, accessible via the panel on the right. Check it out!