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Points is live
Posted by Justin on 12.7.2014 at 00:00
Play Pistachio's cookie clicker/Starcraft homage: Points.

Knight of the Living Dead has gone gold!
Posted by Justin on 9.8.2009 at 04:00
Pistachio Productions' latest and greatest is now available! Who's ready to slay some zombies? Knight of the Living Dead.

Follow us on Twitter!
Posted by Justin on 9.2.2009 at 15:30
Pistachio is now tweeting, and we're looking for some able-bodied followers. Join the Pistachio army!

John's Press Clipping
Posted by Justin on 3.31.2009 at 23:47
Programmer Emeritus John Edwards is featured in the Seattle Times for his work on Flower. The article makes a passing mention of Pistachio Productions. Rumor has it Pistachio Productions is also in the end credit sequence for Flower, although that may have been specially integrated into the demonstration copy John presented to us. We appreciate the efforts.

New OI Review
Posted by John on 2.15.2007 at 9:43
New review linked through the Ocular Ink site. OMG, somebody still plays this game!

Ocular Ink Site Updates
Posted by John on 3.10.2006 at 5:20
The Ocular Ink site has a new banner, along with some other upgrades. Check it out.

New Game
Posted by John on 1.8.2006 at 16:44
ALCM is online. Unless you're familiar with the computer science department at Grinnell College, or James Cook, it might not hold your attention for too long, but give it a try, anyway. Requires Java 5.0.

Bug Fix Fix
Posted by John on 1.6.2006 at 22:34
Ocular Ink version 0.92b fixed a bug that occasionally corrupted saved games in version 0.92a. The fix was to corrupt ALL saved games. By eliminating the save feature, we introduced an endurance metagame, giving our players the opportunity to battle kidneys and carpel tunnel, at once! Sadly, version 0.92b was ahead of it's time, and few latched on to its innovative new mechanic. In deference to the people's wishes, we're releasing a new version 0.92c, that doesn't corrupt saved games at all.

Click to download Ocular Ink v 0.92c

Just 23 versions left, until we move on to 0.93!

Finally, I'm going to upload my "Software Design" final project this weekend. It's a web game, so check it out. Even if you have a Mac!

Slamdance and Ocular Trailer
Posted by Justin on 12.21.2005 at 02:00
Ocular Ink has been selected as a finalist in the 2006 Slamdance Guerilla Gamemaker Competition. We've also been selected as a finalist for the PopCap Casual Game Award. Check out the press release here. All four of us Pistachioids are planning on braving the deadly slick and impossibly dangerous road to Park City, Utah to partake in the festivities.

The Slamdance organizers requested a short trailer of game footage to be promote the game contest during the festival. Here they are! Click to stream or "Save Target As" to download.
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