Quote of the Day Archive
  • February '06

  • "Wake up Sundance! There's a new sheriff in town!" -- some crazy guy in Park City

  • November '05

  • "The first thing you'll notice is how nice it looks."

    "And the gameplay isn't so bad either."

    -- actual quotes from IGN's 9.2 review of F.E.A.R.

  • October '05

  • "no way, i'm counting on john's autopatch for extra time" -- Justin
    "autopatch?" -- Chris

    "i think if the autopatch works, we'll be in good shape" -- Justin
    "autopatch?" -- John
    "autoupdate?" -- Justin
    "???" -- John
    "automatic patch installer?" -- Justin
    "who's making that?" -- John

  • August '05

  • "You know what's terrible? -- Stuart
    "That's how you actually dance?" -- John

    "Why don't you just have some randomly occuring events to spice up the game ... ?" -- John's mom

    "It's intense." -- Stuart
    "Camping?" -- Justin

  • July '05

  • "I've got a quote for you right here." -- Stuart, pointing at his butt

    "The foot can SEE." -- John

    "We're only at thirty-one percent? I think that bar is just depressing." -- Chris

  • June '05

  • "...compare that to Carnophage, which is one of the best cards of all time." -- Stuart, comparing Takenuma Bleeder (3/3 for 2B) from Betrayers of Kamigawa to Carnophage (2/2 for B) from Exodus

    "john, i need you to program an interactive dead hooker" -- Stuart

    "i have a hard time learning new things" -- Chris

  • May '05

  • Justin: sonics lost
    Chris: yea
    Chris: really badly
    Justin: they need danny fortson + cat
    Chris: they need ray allen to not be injured
    John has left the conversation.

    -- typical Pistachio meeting.

    "yeah" -- John, in a moment of weakness

    "ok, that's fine" -- John, in a moment of weakness

    "if all else fails, we have a Zelda clone" -- John, in a moment of weakness

  • April '05

  • "I was thinking we'd probably do lots of items ..." -- John, in a moment of weakness

    "I like that idea, Justin." -- John, in a moment of weakness

    "who cares about IGF." -- John, in a moment of weakness

    "ohh i like digging. like dig dug." -- Chris, reacting to a game idea

    "I feel like I'm breathing oxygen again." -- various